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The Epic 2023 BancyCo Wrap-Up

The full scoop on our 11th year in business as an indie game studio.
Dec 28, 2023

3 Lessons we learned about working with a remote game dev team

Three lessons we learned about effectively working with a growing, external team.
Dec 30, 2020

Four Successes in the Year from Hell

Let's stay positive and dive straight into what we did as a independent video game studio this year!
Dec 29, 2020

Three crucial lessons from a veteran mom-and-pop game studio

If you’re a small studio making games, or looking to get started, keep reading for 3 important lessons we learned this year.
Dec 19, 2019

Why 2018 taught us more than any other year — and how it can help your game development studio

Hard lessons learned during production of our third game, Worse Than Death.
Dec 31, 2018

Home Postmortem - Five Lessons, Five Years Later

Let's look back on the game and review five important lessons that continue to drive our studio.
Jul 30, 2017

Creating Characters Your Players Will Love (Sometimes Literally)

How to develop characters to feel like real people that serve the needs of your game.
Mar 1, 2017
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