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BancyCo is a Toronto-based, independent videogame studio founded by Benjamin Rivers and Nancy Yeung. We've developed and published critically acclaimed games for consoles, PC and iOS since 2012.

(Formerly Benjamin Rivers Inc.)

About the Founders

Benjamin Rivers

Benjamin Rivers
Creative Director

Benjamin is the fiery one; outgoing, passionate, and prone to wild, creative outbursts.

He's the one who ensures that stories are meaningful, that the user experience is thoughtful, and that visual design is clear.

He brings a love of storytelling, sequential art and graphic design to each of the studio's projects.

Favourite game: Silent Hill 2

See Benjamin's site for social links and to read his comics!

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Nancy Yeung

Nancy Yeung

Nancy is the calm one; cool under pressure, great at planning, and always able to keep long-term goals in view.

She's the one who ensures characters are memorable, that storylines are relatable and that the audience is going to have a great time.

She also oversees all aspects of the company, from project direction, marketing initiatives, and partner outreach.

Favourite game: Katamari Damacy

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