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A bittersweet sci-fi adventure game that goes right for the heart.
Can love bloom on a doomed space colony? Alone With You is the tragic sci-fi follow-up to indie horror hit Home, in which you discover the fate of your crumbling installation with the help of a very emotive AI companion and four fully-realized holograms. Providing a rich story that adapts to your choices, Alone With You is the Space Quest-meets-OK Cupid adventure game you never knew you wanted – until now!
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Game Features

  • 🎭 Over a dozen missions, multiple endings, varied conversation choices, and some surprising decisions provide a story you can sink your teeth into and experience multiple times
  • 💿 A love letter to the Sega CD – vibrant, colourful 16-bit visuals and detailed cut-scene vignettes paint a beautiful sci-fi universe
  • 🎹 Completely original soundtrack with more than 30 foot-tapping, otherworldly tunes
  • ⚙️ Accessibility features: separate music/sound effects volume sliders; full-screen/windowed modes; simultaneous keyboard/controller support (PC/Mac only)

Press & Accolades

8/10 – “Latches onto your heart and never lets go.”

— Destructoid

8/10 – “... Impactful scenes that shine thanks to a stellar script.”

— Gamespot

A+ – “You can't help but feel immersed in its unique world.”

— Gaming Age

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