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2D Background Artist

BancyCo is seeking a 2D Background Artist to create beautiful, visual-novel-style backgrounds for its fourth, unannounced game project on console and PC. Help define the world and environments for a brand new IP alongside a highly experienced, friendly development team!

😙 About the Job

  • Create full-colour, visual-novel-style backgrounds from sketches using digital drawing/painting techniques.
  • Backgrounds will involve interiors and exteriors of a near-future, primarily urban setting (approximately 150); expect lots of bright blue skies, dense streets, visually diverse rooms, and mechanical items (vehicles, equipment, etc.) in a colourful, anime-inspired style.
  • This is a contract position. It is medium term (~6 months).
  • Work is remote; check-ins and meetings will be conducted regularly via video meetings and a team server.
  • Scope of work would likely require 3–4 days per week (depending on artist’s availability).
  • Project is a (planned) Teen-rated game for console and PC.

🙏 Requirements

  • High level 2D painting/drawing skills using digital tools.
  • Access to up-to-date Adobe Creative Suite applications (Photoshop).
  • Excellent understanding of colour theory and lighting. 
  • Prior experience illustrating visual-novel-style backgrounds in a semi-realistic or anime style
  • Ability to plan background assets with consideration for reusability, modularity and variation.
  • Ability to clearly communicate feedback and contribute ideas for art assets.
  • Good collaboration skills; you’ll receive direction from the Creative Director and will be part of a team structure.
  • Good English communication skills (verbal and written).
  • Review project documentation to understand lore, creative, and technical considerations
  • Good organizational skills. You’ll review and update tasks via project management software and meet with the team via video chats.
  • Artist must live and work in Ontario, Canada.

👍 Nice-to-Haves

  • Ability to use Unity to implement in-game assets within scenes, as directed.
  • Prior experience with version control software (Plastic)
  • Prior experience with 3D software to aid in environment mockups. 
  • Ability to work consistent days (e.g. Wednesday to Friday) each week for improved team integration.

💰 Pay

Project-based or hourly. $25-40/hour (CAD) depending on skills and experience.

🤔 How to Apply

Fill out the submission form here. You'll need to provide a resume, cover letter, and a link to a portfolio.

🐶 About BancyCo

BancyCo is a Toronto-based, independent videogame studio founded by Benjamin Rivers and Nancy Yeung. We've developed and published critically acclaimed games for consoles, PC and iOS like Home, Alone With You, and Worse Than Death.

(Formerly Benjamin Rivers Inc.) 

We are currently working on our fourth original IP with a team of 4–6 people. Our company culture is inclusive and supportive. We encourage applicants with diverse backgrounds to apply.

📝 Our Recruitment Process

Here’s what you can expect once you apply for a position at BancyCo:

If you are selected for further review, you’ll be contacted by our team for a video call (Zoom, Google Meet, etc.)

  • You may be asked to complete a test illustration assignment, for which you will be compensated an agreed-upon fee
  • You may also be asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) if more detailed discussion about the actual project is required
  • Following your interview, portfolio review, and any required test assignment, BancyCo will contact you via email either way
  • If your interview went well but we feel you aren’t suited to the specific role, BancyCo will ask you if we may retain your information for future consideration. If you grant permission, we’ll retain your details

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